The END of crap + SITE 4 SALE!!!

Hello guys, the last few weeks have been crazy, we tried merging into NCP didn’t work out, then us leaders sorta got into a fight, then we changed our names to the Tortillas, well you probably know the awesome legendary army, the Red Vikings, and then you probably know they died and just came back and are in need of a new 1iC to lead the 2nd Generation, well I am merging us into them whether you like it or not and am giving active troops promotions, Cawasky if your out there I heard you don’t want to lead them, you can join and get any rank you want, same with you Youtums. Arim Erty if your out dair you’ll get 2iC, Posywillos you’ll get 2iC, um Jayden if your still in CP Armies and you see this you can be 2iC or 3iC, Jorsnap or whatever your name is XD um you’ll get 3iC also if I’m leader which if I’m not then we WON’T I REPEAT WON’T merge, but if I am we won’t be that old government they had we’ll be a Democratic Republic and I will obey rules this time and we will vote on a big thing, have any questions? Comment below!


~Freakky Poo1

Once we everyone is good where they are (approx. 2 weeks @ the most) and we have successfully merged I’m selling the site for xats! 🙂 YAY ME!!!

HERE IS THE PRICE (P.S This site gets tons of hits a day so it’s good 4 business plus stuff like that!!! 🙂 )

Price: Starting @ 900 xats or 190 days.


Coming back & changing name!

Sup peeps!

So I know many of you have been bumed out that we merged, well that thing turned out pretty sh*ty. So we’re coming back! But not as FFACP, that’s right we’re changing names! We’re now “The Tortillas” and our site is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE ACTIYIVE! Also you’ll get the same ranks you got here! Leaders will be like here me (Freakky Poo1), Cawasky2, Youtums1. I’ll give everyone who had an author, editor, and admin thing, I’ll send one to you! So please come back! And recruit AND everyone who is active please get people back here and convince them to be active, well Youtums I might ask you 4 graphics soon!


~Freakky Poo1

No 3G

FFACP will not be having a 3G. Navy of CP is back also it says on the Navy of CP is back post to fill out a form in a comment saying your CP username and FFACP Rank. 1ics in FFACP will get 2ic, 2ics will get 3ics.

What do you think

Ok, I know we’ve merged, and I’m not going to even bother trying to un-merge, because that will set NCP off and a few other people. Anyway, now we have merged, I feel like FFACP isn’t what it was, the awesomeness has gone and hasn’t been passed down to NCP, and I what to know what you think, do you think we made the wrong choice merging?

@EX-FFACP leaders, this post isn’t about un-merging, it’s just to see if we made the right choice.

Voting on if merging or not

Sorry Freakky Poo but you don’t have the power to merge FFACP yet. FFACP is a Democractic Republic which means the troops and leaders must vote if they want to merge into a army. I am putting up a poll and it will be closed by September 28,2012 and then we will find the results if FFACP is merging or not. No offense to Freakky Poo but since FFACP is a Democracy and I would like to hear the decision of the troops and leaders combined so therefore there will be a poll.

FREAKKY POO EDIT: Sorry but I created The FFACP and I say we will merge, sorry but I have a little more power then everyone else! WE ARE MERGING 100%, don’t agree with that? Well they’ll be problems then!!!

Cawasky EDIT: I feel threatened and I don’t want problems 😦 and I’m sorry about this thing. It’s just by CP Warfare rules this merge cannot be official without the troops and leaders being able to express their opinions and vote.



By cαωαѕку2 Posted in FFACP


Sup peeps!

This might just be the last post on this site FOREVER!!!  That’s right we’re merging into NCP if you don’t know who they are they’re The Navy of Club Penguin. I’m gonna be al eader there and soldiers DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR RANKS, YOU’LL GET THE SAME RANK IT’LL JUST BE CALLED SOMETHING ELSE. As of other leaders, I have know idea what the hell’s gonna happen to you, you’ll have to talk to Reeses did I say it right? Ya, I think it’s Reeses the Main Owner to determine your rank, I know you’ll definitely get a rank but I’m not sure if it’ll be as high as it was here, I’ll talk to the other leaders and try and give you the highest rank possible 🙂 FFACP is still in us, the power, the coolness, the AWESOMENESS!!! We’re all gonna be part of something LEGENDARY!!! Anyway the site is We’ll be awesome!!! GET READY TO SHINE!!! WELCOME TO NCP! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE STAY ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



~Freakky Poo1


Staying in SANCP Tournament (CANCELLED)

No offense Freakky Poo but we are staying in the SANCP Tournament. FFACP is a democracy and 2/3 of the leaders voted that we should stay in the SANCP Tournament. So therefore we will be staying in the SANCP Tournament no offense. Even if we lost one we just need to win 3-4 matches and we will be in the finals. I know we can do this we are FFACP. We are officially staying in the SANCP Tournament because 2/3 leaders voted we should stay in the SANCP Tournament and also  I know we can do this, this is our big chance to shine and if we work hard we could win the SANCP Tournament. We just need to believe in FFACP. We can do this. Also all SANCP Tournament Battles will be worth 1/2 of a promotion so if you go to all battles you could get 2 promotions. Together we can do this we are FFACP!



Party Date/Times

Sup peeps!

Since we have five and maybe six active soldiers we’re having a party! Here’s the date!

Party on Alaska Bunny Hill (it’s been changed due to Alaska being full)

September 23rd, 2012

Times: 11:30AM EST, 4:30PM UK/GMT, 10:30AM CST, 9:30AM MST, 8:30AM PST

No need to be in FFACP uniform just PARTY! Come if you can!!!

~Freakky Poo1

Active Count + Party

Sup peeps!

Since we haven’t had any events lately I don’t happen to know how many active soldiers we have. For the other leaders of The FFACP,

please don’t change the ranks that’s my job.  Anyway I have some friends (real life friends) who can’t be very active right now 😦 So we’re having an active count I want ATLEAST five or more active soldiers, if you are then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, PLEEEASSSEE BE ACTIVE!!! So comment if your active, please comment the following:

P.S. Active soldiers get promotions!!!

P.P.S. If we get 4 or MORE active soldiers then we’ll throw a party on Alaska!

1. CP Name

2. FFACP Rank

3. Will you stay active?



Declaration of War (CANCELED)

Cawasky2 EDIT: Cobra doesn’t want war and they cannot make our invasions so we agreed to cancel the war. We will find another army to declare war on.

We are declaring war on Cobra because Cobra got voted the most for us to declare waron. The FFACP officially declares war on the Cobra Empire. We’d like this to be a friendly war. Here are some invasions.

Cleaning of Matterhorn

September 20th, 2012

Times: 3:30 PM EST, 8:30 PM UK/GMT, 2:30PM CST, 1:30PM MST, 12:30PM PST

——————-NEXT EVENT——————-

Invasion of Snowy River

September 21st, 2012

3:30PM EST, 8:30 PM UK/GMT, 2:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM MST, 12:30 PM PST

——————-NEXT EVENT——————-

                                                                                                        Invasion of Koscuiozko

                                                                                                        Where: Klondlike,Town

September 20,2012

Times: 4:30 PM EST, 9:30 PM UK/GMT, 3:30 PM CST, 2:30 PM MST, 1:30 PM PSTUK/GMT, 2:30PM CST, 1:30PM, 12:30PM PST


Hi! I like cows!

Hi I’m Sir Master L, if you knew FFACP 4 a while then you probably know me and Freakky Poo1 (my bro) created FFACP, this was a long time ago, anyway just wanted to say, I’m here and I LIKE COWS!

~Sir Master L (Cool Master, SO SUPER COOL!)

Agreement Reached

We’re merging! Our leaders have agreed upon merging and having a better future but this time as the Navy of Clubpenguin. We will be awesome. A Civil War has been stopped and now that we’re all on the same track we’ve all agreed to merge into NCP.

Agreement Reached

Well I have decided to agree with the merge with NCP. This merge is now official because all FFACP Leaders agree on merging. The decision has been made. We are merging and we are having a better future but this tim. As the Navy of Clubpenguin!